Backer Boards

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These bases have been designed to work along with our Aluminum form tooling line of products. With these different bases, you'll be able to standardize and streamline your holster forming process. Sticking with an industry/community standard for spacing between the half you'll be able to quickly and easily swap from your setup of tools to another!

The D Base is used typically for double-stacked firearms and creates a 1.25" space sight channel, which accounts for suppressor height sights and easy folding.

The S Base is used typically for single stacked firearms and creates a 1.1" space sight channel. 

The O Bases comes in a set with a front and back piece used for OWB holsters. 

All bases are drilled and reamed with the locating dowel installed for our Aluminum molds to locate on. The O bases are drilled to allow easy changing for dual handed use!